Tracking a predator


The majority of the information set forth below has been derived from a 126 page Independent Report prepared by the law firm of Cozen O’Connor in April of 2017. 

TROY, New York: 1995-1998.

SCOTT SARGENT works at Emma Willard School as a History teacher and girls soccer coach. His wife works in administration. He meets presumably his 1st student and based on witness reports, engages in criminal conduct with a minor. His wife divorces him but continues to work in administration. The student, now alum, is seen going into his apartment. Emma Willard School takes action by revoking his on-campus housing. School administrators, per a memo at the time, are concerned with "how will this look for the school?".  Administrators reinstate his on-campus housing before the 1997-1998 school year. SCOTT SARGENT rapes me 7 months later in his on-campus housing and is subsequently terminated. Police are not called and no investigation occurs. SCOTT SARGENT is given several letters of reference by the head of school and the dean of academics and relocates to start his new job at another school in another state. Whereabouts are unknown spring of 1998- fall of 1999.


STAMFORD, Connecticut: 1999-2006

SCOTT SARGENT works at the King School as a History teacher and girls soccer coach. He tells a fellow teacher that he met his current 'girlfriend' while he was her teacher at Emma Willard School and she was 16. This information is not reported by the fellow teacher to Connecticut or New York police or the King School as the 'girlfriend' is in college and is no longer a minor. Several years later, SCOTT SARGENT is terminated after the King School discovers that he is engaging in criminal conduct with a King School student. It is illegal in Connecticut to have "sex" with a student, regardless of the age of consent, as this represents a power dynamic that the state feels is unacceptable. SCOTT SARGENT moves to another state.


SOUTH HADLEY, Massachusetts: 2006-2018

SCOTT SARGENT currently serves on South Hadley's Historical Commission. He was reported in 2018 to be coaching girls soccer. It is unknown if he is teaching.

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION about schools where NAME REDACTED has worked, or where he has coached soccer and information that relates to inappropriate or criminal behavior please contact the police local to where this occurred. Please, also feel free to contact me. My goal is to gather information and to help notify the school(s) where he worked or organizations where he coached soccer to warn them.

The King School was not aware of SCOTT SARGENT's circumstances involving his termination from Emma Willard School until I told them myself in 2016 after a tipster notified me where he went after Emma Willard. Schools very often do not disclose to each other sexual misconduct and sex crimes of former employees. This practice is sadly pervasive in education, so pervasive in fact that they have a name for it; "Passing the Trash". This practice serves to maintain the school's reputation and avoids public scandals. This practice is why the Child Victim's Act needs to be passed in NY. Private institutions in NY that do not receive federal money are not subject to Title IX just need to wait out the very short statute of limitations to avoid any civil/criminal liability.

SCOTT SARGENT utilized grooming behaviors and very often made his victims feel like they had no control of their lives. He was emotionally and physically abusive and very controlling. I believe that there are more victims that exist beyond those who have contacted me privately in the last few years. The statute of limitations in Connecticut and Massachusetts may very well allow justice to be served to SCOTT SARGENT victims. NY survivors of this rapist are likely unable to prosecute.

*UPDATE March 30, 2018:

We know that SCOTT SARGENT has resigned from the South Hadley Historical Commission and we have reports that he resigned from his full time employer Whole Foods on the same day, Friday, March 23, 2018, after calling out sick the day before. We received reports that he "sexually harassed women” where he worked.  We are exploring these allegations. We have left messages for store managers and they have not yet responded. We believe we know where his next location will be based on tipster reports.

*UPDATE June 8, 2018:

We have been told by SCOTT SARGENT's neighbor that he has moved out of his South Hadley, Massachusetts apartment. We think he is moving to either New Hampshire or New Jersey. If you have information, please let us know.