the billboards



Watching " Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri" on a flight back to Florida, I almost couldn't stand to wait until business hours the next morning to call advertising agencies and find billboard space. It was 11pm by the time my plane landed and I was lit on fire to do more than I had been doing to raise awareness and get my message out. It was a long night.

Not only did I want to warn people of my rapist, but I wanted to use billboard space to bring attention to the legislation that WOULD allow me to take my rapist to court: The Child Victims Act. The New York Senate has dropped this bill for the last 12 years because the powers that be weren't ready to face the truth of the prevalence sexual assault. They also weren't ready to have to pay the costs of covering up decades of crimes against children.

First, I started putting billboards in the cities where my rapist lived, worked, and hunted. As I spent more time in Albany fighting for legislation, I learned that some serious money and power were keeping laws from passing that would serve to keep children safe. I saw the need to call out Senators and the Lobbyists protecting sexual predators. Powerful entities like Insurance Lobbyists, the Catholic Church, and the Boy Scouts of America have paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to fight to destroy the Child Victims Act. Some New York Senators have been more than happy to do the bidding of these institutions. Institutional accountability seemingly does not exist in New York as a valued priority. I have a real problem with that. I'm not ok with letting that go unchecked. With the support of the New York State Democratic Senators, the Governor, and survivor coalitions, the Child Victims Act is in a good position for 2018...but the fight is far from over.