When I came forward as a survivor of sexual assault, I did not have access to due process. The police could not help me and my abuser and the institution who didn't call police when I asked for medical help could not be held accountable.

My Grievances with NY state were two-fold:

1) The NY criminal and civil statute of limitations expired when I turned 23, which was true for all survivors of childhood sexual abuse in NY. I had no recourse against my rapist or Emma Willard School.

2) Private Institutions were NOT mandated reporters in NY state until 2018, arguably after 14 years of survivors and other grass roots activists fighting to be heard above the opposition. Proving, JUSTICED in NY takes too long.

And NOW THIS....

NY leads the nation in using lobbying laws to suppress fre speech.

JCOPE bullies advocates and protects Cardinal Dolan (not a registered lobbyist)

JCOPE leader, Chairman Michael K. Rozen benefitted financially from representing Penn State and Sandusky against the victims of sexual violence. It is a direct conflict of interest for him to lead the attack against a survivor and one specifically who fought for the Child Victims Act.